Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sugarpop!

Today marks seven years since Sugarpop and I were married. The place was the Sunken Garden at Allerton Park. It was a Sunday morning. The iris and peonies were in bloom. The day started off cloudy and sprinkly, but during the wedding, as Sugarpop appeared on the steps of the garden I swear the sun came out and shone just on her.

We married that day and moved into our house the next. Seven years later so much has changed. The house has become our home. We've brought three children into it. The dishes sometimes pile up in the sink, toys are strewn across the living room, laundry haystacks grow and shrink and shrink and grow. Our "Things to Do Around the House" list lengthens and I really need to get the car in for an oil change.

The rhythms of our lives are much different than seven years ago. Back then they sounded like two acoustic guitars playing a soft tempo. Now its crashing symbols and kettle drums, trumpet blasts and screeching violins (literally).

But to me it is the perfect score because it is the life that Sugarpop and I have composed.

I love you Ali.


Ali said...

Thank you love.

Single at 50 said...

Happy Anniversay! I have seen the love grow these 7 years.