Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tour de "The Force"

Soy cinco! (I'm five!)

Star Wars!

Light Saber Duel

The Oh turned five on Thursday. Five. To all those parents who said it would go fast--a tip of the hat to you.

On Thursday we went to El Toro "The Bull Restaurant" in Oh's lingo. On Friday we had a Star Wars Birthday Playdate Party. Fourteen of his buddies from school and his ever expanding social circle arrived with siblings and parents. Some of the girls had arranged their hair in Princess Leia type fashion.

A word about Star Wars. We didn't let the Oh watch it until he turned five. He and his preschool buddies this past fall started playing it at recess and throughout the fall semester pieced together the basic story in tidbits gleaned from parents and siblings. By the time his birthday rolled around there was little he didn't know about the story. Plus we could always count on an extending reading session if the featured book was a Star Wars book from the bookmobile. So Thursday Happy Elf and Dewdrop were bedded early and the Oh and I watched the first half of Star Wars (note: Star Wars purists recommended starting with the original Star Wars-Episode 4: A New Hope). Above is a picture of the moment that "STAR WARS" title appeared on the screen (not light saber in the background).

The Star Wars Playdate party was great. Sugarpop and I had made light sabers from swim noodles, cut in half, and then black duct tape wrapped on one end. Then the kids could decorate their light sabers. Thank the Maker that the weather Friday was perfect--72 and sunny. The previous night's conversation went something like this:

Sugarpop: So where do you think they should have their light saber duels?

Me: Hopefully the weather's great and we can be outside.

Sugarpop: I was thinking if it was raining they could have light saber duels in the family room and for those who didn't want to duel we could have a scavanger hunt with stuff hidden all around the house.

Me: [slow blink]

It turned out to be a grand party with great weather, lots of kids, and lots of fun. Oh, but the Oh. As the party was winding down he collapsed into sobs as he didn't want it to end. But that's our Emo Oh.