Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Sunday Prayer (Apologies in Advance to Vegetarians)

Sugarpop took the Oh, Happy Elf, and Dewdrop to church as she does every Sunday. I stay home and clean house as it is the only time of the week that one of us has time alone in the house.

The Oh, and this year the Happy Elf, attend Sunday School. All youth gather for songs and prayers before breaking off into their classes. The Sunday School leader asked if anyone had any prayers they wanted to say. The Oh raised his hand and stepped forward. 

Closing his eyes tight and grasping his hands he offered forth this prayer:

"Dear God,

Thank you for all the animals.

And please send some more animals for us to eat.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pet Smart II, Sneaky Cat

Sometimes I get freaked out at night when I'm on the computer or watching TV and one of the boys will suddenly appear in the doorway--awakened by something.

I think cats are cute, fun, great companions and all, but sneaky. So with that in mind watch the following video and see why a pet cat is not on our list:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cry, Baby

Dewdrop turned two months old not too long ago. She's rather fussy, much like the Oh at this age.

We would have been lost trying to soothe them without a nurse at the hospital telling us about a book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Harvey Karp. It saved the Oh and Dewdrop days of crying.

Basically the book suggests that some infants need a fourth trimester. He details the Five Ss: 1) swaddling, 2) side/stomach position, 3) shhh sounds, 4) swinging and 5) sucking--that recreates conditions in the womb. We weren't true believers until we saw the DVD and then actually tried it on the Oh. Most of the "techniques" are things you naturally do to soothe fussy babies: pacifiers, shooshing, swaying, etc.

Most days in those first three months the Oh required all five Ss. Dewdrop is a little better in that we can "turn off" her crying with three or four of the Ss. We don't recall the Happy Elf requiring much soothing, but that's his personality, low key and for the most part mellow.

We're convinced that the Oh and Dewdrop would have cried unceasingly for hours a day. Thanks to Dr. Karp it's only minutes a day and Dewdrop is turning into a decent sleeper too.

The best part is that I can actually be a big help with soothing of the newborns. Sugarpop can always offer a breast, but dads are stuck with what we learn from books and figure out on our own.

I pick up Drewdrop from her grandparents' house after three o'clock near everyday. I get to hold her and talk to her until Sugarpop arrives home. There are usually fussy times when we're at home, but for the most part I know how to calm her.

Today as we were driving home from the grandparents, Dewdrop was crying to beat the band. We got into the house and I took her out of her carseat. She calmed fairly quickly and opened her eyes. I could see that she was stressed and the beginnings of what will be tears were on her eyes.

She'll soon be able to generate real tears, tears that will well up, squirt out her eyes, soak her lashes, and splash down her cheeks. 

Dewdrop will shed many tears in her life--my wish is that they mostly be joyous ones. I hope as she grows that I can calm those sad tears as easily as I calmed her today. 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Love the Night Life

Inspired by a night of little sleep by Sugarpop. It's not a typical night, but every once in a while we experience this. 

I Love the Night Life
by The Everyday Dad

I love nightime when it's time for kids to sleep
More likely it's the parents that fall asleep deep

First kids are up and then they lie down
If they are up too long momma's face starts to frown

But once they're asleep they'll sleep all night
They've been doing this for years . . . right?

First it's the Oh, then the Elf, then the Oh again
It goes on all night and momma can't win

Stories are read, water quenches their thirst
But then Dewdrop wakes up and she's wanting to nurse

Then finally, at last, all the kids are asleep
But then Daddy is up, down the stairs he does creep

He's off to work early leaving behind his love mate
Maybe tomorrow's the day they'll sleep late!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pet Smart

The Oh has been talking about getting a pet. So far we are a pet-free family. In moments of insanity Sugarpop thinks getting a puppy would be fun. That'd be nice. Of course I'd have to change my blog from The Everyday Dad to Insane in the Membrane: My Padded Room or They Won't Let Me Have Shoelaces. Still debating which one I like better.

As a negotiating ploy The Oh then talks about getting a kitten. Nice try kid, but mom and I are semi-allergic and we're already changing the diapers of 2.2 bottoms each day (The Oh is still working on that aspect of toilet training, but I'll get into that in another post.) and the thought of scooping poop from a litter box in addition to diapers has little appeal.

So to understand where The Oh was operating from I asked him to name the pets he would like to have. He said, dog, cat, and guinea pig. When I reminded him that mom was allergic to cats he said, we could just get a new mom. When I also said I was allergic too he said, "Well . . . you can just stay in the backyard and mow the grass."

Look for my blog in crop-circle form in the near future.