Friday, July 10, 2009

United Breaks Guitar

Here's the latest viral video based on a true story. Enjoy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A 5th of July Miracle!

Champaign–Urbana's fireworks were postponed until July 5th due to a rainy 4th. Since they moved the fireworks out by Parkland we are able to view them from just past our yard.

I think this is the third year for the relocated fireworks and for the previous two, though they were just feet away from me viewing them--I always seemed to be inside with a youngin' who got freaked out by the booms. Or by someone who really wanted to watch Dora instead of the fireworks.

Miraculously this year the entire brood stayed out and watched the entire display!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Our One Year Old Daisy

Dewdrop turned one on Thursday. We brought her home on July 4 2008 and watched the fireworks as she lay inert in her mother's arms.

Dewdrop is our third child and this year for us has simply zipped by.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sugarpop!

Today marks seven years since Sugarpop and I were married. The place was the Sunken Garden at Allerton Park. It was a Sunday morning. The iris and peonies were in bloom. The day started off cloudy and sprinkly, but during the wedding, as Sugarpop appeared on the steps of the garden I swear the sun came out and shone just on her.

We married that day and moved into our house the next. Seven years later so much has changed. The house has become our home. We've brought three children into it. The dishes sometimes pile up in the sink, toys are strewn across the living room, laundry haystacks grow and shrink and shrink and grow. Our "Things to Do Around the House" list lengthens and I really need to get the car in for an oil change.

The rhythms of our lives are much different than seven years ago. Back then they sounded like two acoustic guitars playing a soft tempo. Now its crashing symbols and kettle drums, trumpet blasts and screeching violins (literally).

But to me it is the perfect score because it is the life that Sugarpop and I have composed.

I love you Ali.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Oh So Happy

The Oh had to have a rather extensive dental procedure the other day. Basically one tooth was pretty much a bad egg and it was drilled and crowned. The Oh was a brave little guy all the way from loading into the van to walking back to the room when his name was called.

Of course being The Oh when it came time to drink the sedation medicine it took his parents, the nurse, and the doctor to administer it. He didn't go down without a fight. But in no time he went from defiant to compliant and my cell phone was there to grab a bit of video.

The procedure went quickly and we returned home before 11 that morning. We were warned that the sedation medicine could cause mood swings for several hours, but that was only in 1 in 10 cases. Let's just say never tell us the odds because the Oh went from crying fits to happy, happy, joy, joy in seconds. Of course the doctor said he'd come home and probably sleep 2 or 3 hours, but again our little guy defied the odds and slept not a wink until bedtime. All the while insisting, that while tipsy on his feet, he was fine and could play. I'm just glad I didn't have to take away his car keys.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tour de "The Force"

Soy cinco! (I'm five!)

Star Wars!

Light Saber Duel

The Oh turned five on Thursday. Five. To all those parents who said it would go fast--a tip of the hat to you.

On Thursday we went to El Toro "The Bull Restaurant" in Oh's lingo. On Friday we had a Star Wars Birthday Playdate Party. Fourteen of his buddies from school and his ever expanding social circle arrived with siblings and parents. Some of the girls had arranged their hair in Princess Leia type fashion.

A word about Star Wars. We didn't let the Oh watch it until he turned five. He and his preschool buddies this past fall started playing it at recess and throughout the fall semester pieced together the basic story in tidbits gleaned from parents and siblings. By the time his birthday rolled around there was little he didn't know about the story. Plus we could always count on an extending reading session if the featured book was a Star Wars book from the bookmobile. So Thursday Happy Elf and Dewdrop were bedded early and the Oh and I watched the first half of Star Wars (note: Star Wars purists recommended starting with the original Star Wars-Episode 4: A New Hope). Above is a picture of the moment that "STAR WARS" title appeared on the screen (not light saber in the background).

The Star Wars Playdate party was great. Sugarpop and I had made light sabers from swim noodles, cut in half, and then black duct tape wrapped on one end. Then the kids could decorate their light sabers. Thank the Maker that the weather Friday was perfect--72 and sunny. The previous night's conversation went something like this:

Sugarpop: So where do you think they should have their light saber duels?

Me: Hopefully the weather's great and we can be outside.

Sugarpop: I was thinking if it was raining they could have light saber duels in the family room and for those who didn't want to duel we could have a scavanger hunt with stuff hidden all around the house.

Me: [slow blink]

It turned out to be a grand party with great weather, lots of kids, and lots of fun. Oh, but the Oh. As the party was winding down he collapsed into sobs as he didn't want it to end. But that's our Emo Oh.